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Why should you get a height adjustable desk?

Your health could be a sufficient reason. Do you know that chronic back pain has been classified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as one of so-called civilization diseases? It is even called the 21st century epidemics!

And what about your back? Doesn’t hurt yet? Perfect! What do you do for it? Do you exercise or do jogging? Perfect! The problem is you spend just around an hour per day (?) in the gym or jogging. In work, you are sitting 8 hours a day, 5 days a week! Sometimes even more. That’s a huge inequality.

A sitting position is not at all natural, let alone healthy for a human. What’s more, if you sit in a wrong manner, you try to relieve yourself with a wrong body position. So, you crouch and lean even more and make it all worse. And you can be sure that this is the case.

So, what do you do about it?

I would definitely recommend you the HOBIS MOTION ERGO height adjustable desk. Its main advantage compared to a fixed desk is that thanks to the option to adjust the height of the worktop, the desk adapts to you, not that you have to adapt to the desk. The height of fixed office desks is 75.5 cm. It is determined by the recommending standard as a compromise for the mainstream majority. However, this can be a problem for many of us as we don’t all have the same figure. I dare to say that at a height of 180 cm, you already crouch over the desk which causes you back problems.

It is a different case with the MOTION ERGO desk. You sit on a properly adjusted high quality chair (more on that in another blog). You move into an ergonomic cut-out in the worktop and place your hands on the desk. Just like when you want to type on the keyboard. Then you adjust the height of the desk so that your back is firmly supported and upright. With a correctly set desk height, the weight of your arms is carried by the desk, not by your neck. It is the same principle as for chair or car armrests. It will relieve your trapezius muscles and enables relaxing your neck while sitting. Such sitting reduces the risk of overloading the spine, preventing health problems.

As a bonus, you can stand up, push the chair away and re-adjust the desk to stand straight by it. This will be appreciated by your whole body, not just your back. You will see that you’ll feel fine. You stretch your muscles, your blood circulation improves, you shift your weight… At least once in every two hours of sitting for around 15 minutes. After all, this is also recommended by a well-known specialist in the treatment of scoliosis and chronic back pain, MUDr. Smíšek. We cooperated with him in the development of this desk.

Find the differences…
Find the differences…

If for some reason, you don’t like the HOBIS ERGO MOTION desk with the ergonomic cut-out, choose another desk from our wide range of lifting desks. They may not have the ergonomic cut-out in the desktop but the other advantages of height adjustable desks remain. You “customize” the height of the worktop optimally for your figure and you can choose to work standing.

Even if you do not have back problems, the height adjustable desks can be used as effective prevention. If you already suffer from back pain, it is a welcome help.


Outlet panels


Outlet panels

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